Custom LED Displays

Custom LED Displays offer a solution whenever a simple
content needs to be visualized in a more appealing way. They are a hybrid of a
custom glass LCD and a segmented LED display.


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High reliability and consistency
Low drive current
High intensity of light emission
Short response time; can be pulse driven
Easy assembly
RoHS compliant

LED Displays compared to Monochrome LCDs

LED Displays Monochrome LCD Modules
Colored segments
Temperature Range

(-40 ℃ ~85 ℃)
(-20 ℃ ~70 ℃)

(sun light readable)
Viewing Angle

(180 degrees)
less than 75 degrees)
Content to display simple (only digits and fixed icons)


Finer dot matrix

LED Displays: Applications

Meters, instruments
Home appliances
Industrial controls


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