Integration Solutions

Zettler Displays HK. offers a full suite of Integration Solutions ranging from simple tape attach of touch panels to compete optical bonding monitors. Please review our capabilities in the graphic below (hover over each component to learn more).
Zettler Displays operates multiple clean rooms (class 100 and 1,000) in addition to project targeted assembly rooms within its Southern California facility. Each clean room and assembly room has easy access to secure inventory storage making it suitable to handle high value consigned inventory.

As a design and manufacturing organization, Zettler Displays utilizes best engineering expertise from the U.S., Korea, Taiwan, and China.

We proudly service a number of notable companies as our customers from the following industries in America: military, avionics, marine, GPS, automotive, medical, POS, ATM, Gas Station, and Law Enforcement. 

  • ACTIVE BACKLIGHT ENHANCEMENTS – Upgrading from CCFL to LED, increasing the brightness of existing backlights.
  • PASSIVE BACKLIGHT ENHANCEMENTS – Enhancing the display experience by film stacks and filters. Also we have the capabilities to install privacy filters.
  • RUGGEDIZATION AND ENCLOSURES – Besides offering options for enclosures, we can supply you with strengthened Touch Panel or Cover Glass or films to make your product more durable.
  • HEATERS – We offer transparent and conductive heaters.
  • OPEN FRAME SOLUTIONS CAPABILITY Solution that includes a TFT LCD assembled with decoder boards and all support electronics (such as a decoder board or a single board computer / SBC) into a monitor device with help of a special metal frame
  • CUSTOM ELECTRONICS AND CIRCUITS – trust us with your complete R&D project. We can design and source components beyond the scope of displays and work closely with your development team on the process.
  • GASKETS Solutions available to attach customized Gaskets on LCDs or Touch Panels. Our gaskets can be customize to meet medical, avionics, military and industrial requirements (under water gaskets).
  • OPTICAL BONDING is available for industrial production lot sizes in the USA or for larger quantities in Asia.
  • INVENTORY MANAGEMENT – If you like to procure your own components, you can do so and we will give you IT options to monitor from the moment you consign it to us to the finished product shipment.