What is IPS?

IPS, also known as In-Plane Switching, is a type of monitor display and screen technology that uses a voltage to control the alignment of liquid crystals, similar to TN technology. However, IPS displays use a different crystal orientation where the crystals are parallel to the glass substrates, hence the term ‘in-plane’. Rather than ‘twisting’ the crystals to modify the amount of light let through, IPS crystals are essentially rotated, which has a range of benefits. IPS displays offer the best color reproduction as well as the widest viewing angles compared to other LCD technologies.

Benefits of IPS

While TN LCD’s support high refresh rates with low response times, they do come with sub-optimal viewing angles, and slightly diminished color reproduction. IPS panels address these downfalls with 80 degree viewing angles that eliminate color inversion and contrast diminishment. IPS technology is ideal for a wide array of applications such as medical, industrial, HVAC, Pool/Spa due to the ability to use the displays in both landscape and portrait mode while maintaining uniform viewing angles. This also allows for displays to be seen from different angles and heights, ideal for jacuzzi controls and thermostats that tend to require consideration of dynamic user parameters.

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